The Axedowne Mystery

Axedowne 10-13 October 2012. SCURC presented The Axedowne Mystery by Michael Marsh. This 1920s plot revolves around the proceeds of a diamond robbery that happened three years previously. Information received suggests that the missing jewels may have been hidden at Axedowne and various interested parties descend upon the quiet English country estate to try their luck. The action comes thick and fast with an armed robbery, a blackmailer, a dead body, a bogus police officer, a secret passage, another dead body plus a couple of people who might not be who they say they are. The lady of the house, her daughter, her outspoken sister-in-law, and the doddering butler all join in the hunt to find the killer and the missing loot.


Wednesday 10 October 7.30pm Thursday 11 October 7.30pm Friday 12 October 7.30pm Saturday 13 October 2.30pm